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Nutritional Assessment

Individualized Nutritional evaluation and advice are provided as part of treatment.  While you are in treatment with homeopathic remedies for a specific health issue, we look at your nutritional status to enhance you ability to fight disease and restore balance to the body.  

During the healing process, the body needs extra support to assist with internal detoxification. Nutritious food, abundant hydration, proper sleep, rest and movement are key in restoring balance.  This will make the healing process easier and faster and will strengthen you.

We look at Blood Type, Metabolic Type and Glandular type to find the best nutrition to meet your needs.

Holistic and Dynamic Nutrition is tailored to each individual.  Simple and easy steps are given to help you feel better.

During treatment, we'll review your nutritional status looking at your daily intake of food, water, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, to make sure you are benefitting from them.  If you are on medication, we will asses nutritional deficiencies caused by the drugs you are taking and make recommendations.

Many supplements in the market today are fractioned, they don't contain the whole food that is required for proper assimilation.  It is best to take vitamins and minerals from organic whole food sources instead of synthetic sources that rob you of the nutrients already in your body creating a state of imbalance. 


We encourage nutrition from the best food sources possible such as whole organic foods free of fillers and chemical agents.  Natural whole foods have everything we need to absorb nutrients.  If supplementation is needed, recommendations will be given as to the best natural sources.

We can also assess your Adrenal and Thyroid stress status and make recommendations to enhance organ function and overall wellbeing.

Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.

​Drug-Nutrient Depletion

Included in your treatment, is the assessment of the consequences of the medications you are taking and provision of remedies that will reduce their side effects.  We will also assess nutrient depletions and make appropriate recommendations about foods or supplements that can balance these effects.

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