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Infrared Sauna & Aroma Touch 

What people are saying ...

Back Massage



The sessions I had with you were wonderful.

I am appreciating that you created a sweet, calm, and soothing therapeutic haven there …in the middle of nowhere…🦋🐬

With love,  Madeleine



The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. Thank you very much.  Mary

I discovered 'AromaTouch' at a time of high stress in my life. It was the right thing for me coming at the right time.  Now the stress is lowered and I am coming back for the feeling of balance and deep relaxation.  Natasha


I think the treatments are very healing for me.  Much love. Rebeca


Thank you so much for the Aroma Touch!  Really appreciate the soft healing touch and all the wonderful aromas!!  Ana Maria

The day was perfect for the jaccuzi and I enjoyed the little touches such as the al-kal supplement, the sarongs, basket for towels and the lovely sculpture outside the window. We'll be back. - Agnes

After my first session with the infrared Sauna and color therapy, all my aches and pains were gone as well as my brain fog. Was not exhausted, did not need to sleep. Rather had a wonderful productive afternoon with focus, and presence.   Caroline

So Lovely. Thank you so much. I did a cold shower which was exhilarating. A very big yes from my body. Geraldine


I highly recommend the AromaTouch with Sonia. Her soft touch together with her giving and nurturing energy, plus all the wonderful aromas from the oils, makes a very pleasant and healing experience! It just feels sooo good! In gratitude.  Ana Maria

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