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Sonia E. Jaramillo, DMH, DHHP

​My interest in natural medicine began in my teens with my introduction to Yoga & Nutrition back in my home town of Quito, Ecuador

I pursued formal education at the University of California, Irvine receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology with my last year of studies taking place in Madrid, Spain with which I fell in love.


My own health challenges have led me to search for answers in many fields.  I've spent hundreds of research and experimentation hours in the fields of health, energetic and informational medicine.  All these pieces came together for me when I found Heilkunst.  I fell in love with it from the start.  Heilkunst training has brought light and order; it has provided me with a solid foundation, a systematic and comprehensive approach to health by aiming at getting at the root causes of disease and not only its manifestations. It has taught me to address all layers of disease and all aspects of the human being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


I work with individuals of all ages and with any conditions who are actively interested in improving their health through natural yet powerful means.      

Work with me and you will receive my full attention and sincere effort to help you overcome your health challenges and grow more and more vibrant and complete. 



I am certified through the International Heilkunst Association (IHA) as a Doctor in Medical Heilkunst.  My studies with the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, Canada have granted me a DHHP diploma as Heilkunst Homeopathy Practitioner.  My education continues to be a life-long endeavor for which I am grateful.

My services are also

available in Spanish.

For the ordered system yields a divinely musical

harmony, sweet and true beyond all melodious


Hermes Trismegistus

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