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CoRe Bioresonance

The CoRe system is a non-linear system that reads the informational level of the client.  Because it does not read the body directly, the results may point to events or issues in the past that may still be affecting the client or possible tendencies or weaknesses.  It reads resonance which means that there is some connection between the client, the symptom and the resulting item or remedy.

CoRe is a statistical resonator that identifies relevant issues and possible solutions for the symptoms that the client is experiencing. The logic is based on the homeopathic principle that what supports the symptoms assists the body with healing. The balancing makes connections on subliminal levels (informational or energetic) ie outside the client's level of awareness to help the body restore health to its systems. Essentially the device works on the mind - body connection, something that is missing in today's practices. 

It does not require that the client be connected to the device during the evaluation because the information provided by the client (name, date of birth, place of birth and optional photo are sufficient identifiers in the white noise of the computer and hologram generator).  The filters entered (symptoms) add definition to the analysis so you can do a truly holistic evaluation for that client with some particular symptoms. 

Information is independent from time or space and the resonant results that come up are to be interpreted non-linearly, that is, not as cause and effect but as contributors to the client's situation in some way.  Most imbalances have some informational component or the informational level is where imbalances start and later crystallize in the body in some way.  By addressing the informational level, you can address many imbalances. 

Information is very powerful... we tend to underestimate it... imagine being hit on the head by a book versus reading the book.


















What is Bioresonance

Researchers in the first part of the last century, in particular Dr. Abrams of Stanford University, began to experiment with the radial energy given off by living persons. However, the growth of the chemical industry, the dominance of the Pasteurian germ theory (using a chemical to kill a germ), and the “miracle” discovery of antibiotics led this emerging field of medical science of bio-energy to be set aside in favor of the biochemical approach to treatment. The biochemical approach treats the physical level, but we know that disease itself is lodged at the energetic level – though the results of this disease can produce symptoms at the physical level, which are then suppressed with drugs, but the original cause is not addressed, i.e. knee pain or arthritis is treated with anti-inflammatories. However, the inflammation that produces the pain is not the disease (cause), but the result of the disease.

Initially, the measuring of radial energy was done by an operator who was sensitive to this energy and who could then transcribe the different energy patterns or waves into mathematical language – numbers or “rates” that expressed a certain frequency. Today, these rates can be programmed into a computer and the computer can do the job more objectively and without getting tired.

How does the computer do this?

Radial energy is effectively energy before matter, and is non-local, that is, as stated in Quantum Physics, existent everywhere at all times – it is beyond the constraints of space and time. Rupert Sheldrake has spoken of “morphogenic fields” that allow our sub-conscious minds to work with and through a kind of “etheric field” to which all other people are connected. We often refer to the knowledge that comes from this connection with the universal field “wisdom,” “common sense,” a “gut feeling,” “intuition,” etc. We use it in our personal lives, but not in our professional lives, and we also tend to mistrust it. However, this universal field contains all knowledge. The computer is able to tap into this field objectively and locate a given individual based on that person’s uniqueness, much as a letter sent to a particular person gets to that person and not someone else, except it uses name, date and place of birth and photo if available. Then, if the subconscious of the person is willing, an exchange takes place energetically in terms of frequency language. The computer can be programmed logically and mathematically to pose certain questions and then record the response.

We highly recommend a CoRe assessment at the start of treatment, and then periodically throughout, possibly every three to six months. In difficult cases, or where there seems to be a standstill in progress, the CoRe assessment is also very useful and is highly recommended. Talk with your practitioner if you have any questions about using the CoRe.

What is the CoRe System?

It is used to scan a person’s bio-field and to detect areas of resonance or dissonance on the mental, emotional or energy levels. It helps us see deeper and with more clarity into many confusing situations. If left undetected, such “glitches” in our system can cause us even physical symptoms and certainly much psychological conflict.

The CoRe is also used to rectify areas of dissonance that are affecting us at this time. It can point old impacts that are now activated. Future problems can also be nipped in the bud once an arising negative dynamic is discovered and corrected before it develops into something worse.

The body has the potential to heal itself, but sometimes it is reacting to the wrong signals. It lacks, so to speak, the ‘know-how’ to solve a problem. Balancing with CoRe in these instances will be surprisingly effective and will work apparent miracles within a short time. It can “tell” your body what is it’s best choice of action.

What exactly is happening during a CoRe scan?

The CoRe is new technology unlike low tech versions of bioresonance, such as dowsing rods or pendulums.  It is a computerized system that can ask questions that are analyzed against a very large database thousands of times within seconds rather than laboriously testing one single item at a time.  

CoRe works according to the principles of Quantum Science, which has established the inter-connectedness of everything. The CoRe system is a tool enabling us to establish such a connection to a person’s information field. This connection is always a two-way process, which means that a treatment can also be fashioned based on the signals that are received.

It establishes a constant feedback connection with the client.

The results given by CoRe are always probabilities (expressed in percentages) and not Yes/No answers. In general, any advanced testing method that claims to be related to quantum theory has to be able to assign percentage numbers to the likelihood of disease causes and appropriate remedies.

CoRe works with the mathematical matrix representations of different parts of the body. By reading the representative “informational signature” of each individual, the image of every “symptom” and each “remedy” CoRe generates and selects complex models to establish the resonance between the client, symptoms and remedies and then uses the statistical analysis of the results to set the probabilities of the highest resonance.

Imagine an electrical circuit that is perfectly operational except for a short due to crossed lines at one point. This blockage is the information out of sync. CoRe can identify and rectify this defective circuitry. Once regular flow of information is restored, the circuit is open and functional again and all processes take place normally within the body.

Holographic principles

The main challenge in understanding the CoRe is that it does not have to be physically connected to the client to evaluate or balance. This is based on the fact that our world is holographic in its structure, which means that every part contains all other parts. Although this is difficult to conceive, this reality implies that any part can affect any other part and can be a measure of every other part.

The holographic principle is used diagnostically in many forms. For example in iridology we read the health of every part of the organism from the iris only, or in ear acupuncture the acupuncturist affects any part of the body simply by putting a needle in a specific part of the ear. The same applies to reflexology (foot massage).

CoRe, rather than working with actual body parts, works with mathematical matrix representations of every part of the hologram. By manipulating this abstract matrix it can actually cause a balancing of the respective part in the same way that information we get via a communication can affect any part of our life.

Simply put, the connection of a person’s information with healing information is performed via software programs and based on this holographic principle.

In other words, in one quick procedure we can know which frequencies are out of balance, and then re-balance them right away, all with the same equipment. This is the future happening right now!

What Else Can CoRe Do?

In addition, there is an Organ Balancing program of over 2,000 organ/body parts that can be balanced through bio-information. CoRe can be used to re-balance organs and systems for optimal function by re-instating proper “information” to our life force field. When the problem is on the informational level, the balancing results are instantaneous.

Analogies can help us to better understand the informational level. Fixing a software bug can be achieved by a small change to information (and not by turning up the power supply). That has a big effect. It makes the program function again. It can take a long time to find a software bug, but the CoRe finds the issue quickly.

Informational, biochemical, energetic and structural levels
Because the informational level is connected with the structural level, the biochemical level, and the energetic levels, informational balancing can indirectly affect the other levels.

Even when the solution lies in a more physical approach, CoRe still helps by initiating healing on the information level which then facilitates healing on all other levels including the physical. Because we consist of a network of energetic connections, CoRe connects us at these many different levels.

Structural corrections

What appears to be a structural issue can be resolved via the informational level if that is where its main component lies. Think of hunched shoulders that are caused by constant fear (taking a hunched, protective posture).

Biochemical corrections

If you take a vitamin, you are working on the biochemical level and that too connects to other levels. Perhaps there already is plenty of a particular vitamin in the body, but if the information necessary to process it is missing, then the information is what is needed. CoRe can remedy this glitch in information allowing for proper use of nutrients.

Energy corrections

In the case of meridian blockages, chakra imbalances or low or excessive energy in an organ, CoRe can give us correct feedback of where precisely energy is blocked, so that we can correct it either directly with the CoRe, through correct information or through any other means of energy rebalancing.

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