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In a nutshell

Homeoprophylaxis provides an oral dose of an infinitesimal amount of the virus or disease material.  This is designed to trigger the body’s natural defense response. It is highly useful for infants and young children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed.

If you decide you want the Homeoprophylaxis program for your children, you will receive the remedies necessary for the basic program.  A homeopathic immunisation record will be provided as well. 

Just like regular immunization, homeopathic immunizations do not provide 100% protection from contagious disease.  They are 90-95% effective as judged by experience and studies cite in the links below.  They enhance immunity without possible side effects of using crude dosis of viral materials and the additional substances used in creating them.


Homeopathic Immunisation also called Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a method of disease prevention that is safe, natural, and currently used in many countries. There are no toxins, preservatives, chemicals, or pathological particles.


The philosophy behind homeoprophylaxis is that the micro-organisms themselves are not seen as the sole cause of disease, but rather an illness is an interplay between a micro-organism and the individual’s susceptibility to it.

The goal of homeoprophylaxis is to provide the immune system with information prior to disease exposure so that they can respond more quickly and effectively. In contrast to vaccination, Homeoprophylaxis does not rely on antibody formation, but on changing the susceptibility of the child or adult to disease. It works by educating your child’s immune system in a logical way.

  • Homeoprophylaxis (HP) uses potentized substances to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease.

  • These substances are called nosodes and are made from disease germs, diluted and potentized to render them safe.

  • Nosodes serve to stimulate the immune system to produce immunity.

  • The remedies are made under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Guidelines so that not a single molecule of the disease remains using dilution and potentization methods so that only the energy or frequency of that diseased substance remains.

  • This method has been clinically studied for over 15 years by Dr. Isaac Golden and is a safe and effective option to vaccinations to protect a person from infectious contagious diseases.

Evidence that Homeoprophylaxis actually works

  • 2007/2008   The Cuban government distributed a homeopathic nosode - a remedy prepared from Leptospirosis disease to 2.3 million people at high risk of infection during a Leptospirosis epidemic. Around 8.8 million of the population was untreated. Within weeks, the treated population had an 84% decrease in disease incidence while the numbers of those infected. In the untreated population the number climbed. The homeopathic immunisation was strongly associated with a drastic reduction of Leptospirosis incidence resulting in complete control of the epidemic.  

  • 40,000 people were given the homeopathic prophylactic Lathyrus sativus during a polio outbreak in Buenos Aires in 1975. None of them developed polio.

  • In 1996, 175,000 people in India were treated in two days during a cholera outbreak. Immediately following there were no more incidents of death and in 10 days the outbreak was stopped.

  • In 1974, during a Meningococcal epidemic in Brazil, 18,640 children were given HP for protection against Meningococcal, and 6,340 were not. The following results were obtained:18,640 protected homeopathically – 4 cases of Meningococcal infection.  6,340 not protected – 32 cases of Meningococcal infection.

  • Based on the infection (attack) rate in the unprotected group, 94 cases of infection would have been expected in the homeopathically protected group. Instead, there were only four cases of Meningococcal, showing that the homeopathic option was 95% effective against the meningococcal disease.

  • The results of the first study led to the Brazilian government to fund a larger study in 1998. It was conducted by two Professors of Medicine from the University Foundation in Blumenau, Brazil, and a Blumenau specialist physician and Health City Secretary.

  • A total of 65,826 people between the ages of 0-20 were given HP for protection against Meningococcal while 23,532 were not. Over a 12 month period, the following results were obtained:


  • 23,532 not protected – 20 cases of Meningococcal infection.

  • 65,826 protected homeopathically – 4 cases of Meningococcal infection

  • Dr. Isaac Golden has a body of over 20 years of research on nearly 3,000 case studies in Australia and the children treated with homeoprophylaxis were the healthiest across the board throughout their lives when compared with children vaccinated with classical vaccines, non-vaccinated children and children treated with classical homeopathy.

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