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Heilkunst is a German word meaning “the art of becoming whole”.  In Medical Heilkunst or Dynamic Medicine we work with all aspects of the individual; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual to help nourish a state of true health where the individual becomes whole and free to fulfill his life's purpose. 


This is a full medical system developed by Dr. Samuel F. Hahnemann (1745-1843) over 200 years ago. Heilkunst treatment includes the use of Sequential TimelineTherapy, Homeopathy, Therapeutic Coaching, Tissue Mineral Salts, Herbology, Organotherapy, Isotherapeutics (the use of the SAME causative agent, not a similar one as in Homeopathy), Holistic and Therapeutic Nutrition, Homotoxicology, Drainage, Gemmotherapy (the use of germinal remedies from plant/tree buds & shoots), Flower Essences and other modalities. 


Heilkunst involves three main areas of therapy:


1. Regimen/Lifestyle









​​​Utilizing the law of opposites where excess is removed and deficiency is compensated, the practitioner attempts to balance areas of nutrition, hydration, sleep and recreation/movement. For example, the law of opposites is applied by removing caffeine from the diet when insomnia is due to excess coffee, more water intake is recommended when dehydration is the cause of constipation, skin issues or migraines.  Quantity and quality of all these aspects is assessed with emphasis on natural organic foods and food-based nutrients when necessary.  Drainage, detoxification and organ support remedies are always included.


Regimen involves everything that has to do with bringing the body back into homeostasis -a state of balance.  Lifestyle changes are gradually adopted as they reflect healthier states of mind and more ability to love and take care of oneself.  Proper eating and digesting are reflected in how we take in and digest life and the world.  Sufficient hydration in quantity and quality is reflected in how hydrated we are in the emotional and mental spheres as well.  Regimen also includes solutions for sleep problems, exercise, movement or activity. 

Regiminal changes and adjustments are suficient when we are dealing with a simple imbalance.  When regiminal improvement fails to produce results, we resort to medicinal cure with homeopathic remedies as the imbalance has become ingrained and has altered the patient's whole state of being.


2. Medicine

Based in the law of similiars where 'like cures like', homeopathic and homotonic remedies are used to gently and effectively remove disease at every level of the individual. We can address acute conditions as well as chronic disease. 


If the disease is long standing or chronic, getting to the primary cause can take time.  To that end we ask the client to develop a history of his life's shocks and traumas which are then treated in reverse order of appearance, from the most recent all the way to birth.  See Sequential Timeline Therapy.  In addition to treating the timeline, we provide remedies to manage the current symptoms while the constitutional remedy as well as drainage and organ support remedies do their work at strengthening the body. 


It is possible that the root cause of a particular disease is in the chronic inherited predispositions called Miasms that were passed on from previous generations.  We also treat those as they appear as well during the course of treatment and at the end of the chronological timeline.  The current miasms are:  Psora, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Ringworm, Sycosis, Cancer, Syphilis and Lyme.  Many if not all diseases have their roots in the chronic miasms. 


    3. Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching and education helps us gain insight into the obstacles that keep the client stuck in certain places, relationships or situations in their lives.  Attitudes, limiting beliefs, and fears can be brought to light in an effort to return to our true self.   When going through Dynamic Medicine treatment, we may uncover new ways of seeing ourselves; we may be able to find connections between our mental/ emotional lives and the physical symptoms empowering our own healing journey. This understanding is drawn from the work of Rudolf Steiner, Raymond Reich and others.


By improving your regimen,

you strengthen your natural healing power.

By providing medicine,

we remove traumas that undermine your vitality;

we see these traumas as burdens that can be lifted

so the load carried is lighter and you can   

better handle present and future stresses.


Dr. Hahnemann developed Homeopathy which means 'similar suffering' as a system that uses remedies whose action is similar to the symptoms or suffering of the patient, according to the Law of Similars.


He had observed that quinine, a substance which was generally used to treat Malaria also called Cinchona, if given to a healthy person, would produce the same symptoms of Malaria.  He concluded from this, that any substance could also cure the same symptoms, if found in an ill person.  He went on to test many substances and carefully record the symptoms produced.  These provings were recored in repertories called Materia Medica.


The law of cure was known much before the time of Hahnemann and it was feared because of its power.  Hahenmann's genius was able to dilute the crude substance to such a degree that it would produce no side effects and yet retained its therapeutic value.   From crude substances, Hahnemann moved to more and more diluted doses. These remedies worked well and he found that after certain point of dilution, the action of the remedy would even become stronger - at a potency of 30X.


These two principles of Homeopathy, the cure by similarity and the cure with infinitesimal doses are a paradox.  The cure by similiarity is used in vaccination, except that the substances used would fight disease on their own often making bacteria and viruses stronger leaving the bodies' immune system weaker as it is left idle.  Homeopathic remedies function more like a photograph -they show the body its own response and the body is thus stimulated it to set things  right.


"I believe now more than ever in the teaching of this wonderful doctor (Samuel Hahnemann), since I have experienced the action of the tiniest dose so vividly and

still experience it again and again."

Goethe in a letter Sept 2, 1820 to his friend

Marianne von Willemer

Many homeopath scholars have contributed to this knowledge over the years. 


In the 1990's the Organon der Heilkunst (6th edition) by Dr. Hahnemann, was translated into English by a Goethean Scholar of German Languages, Steven Decker (1), into perhaps the best translation to date. Having an understanding of the German language of the day, Decker was able to bring into the foreground the treasures of Dr. Hahnemann's genius even further.


The Organon's application was further brought to light with Rudi Verspoor (2) and Patty Smith (both Classical Homeopaths at that time) into 'The Dynamic Legacy, from Homeopathy to Heilkunst' (3). This important discovery lead to the realization that Homeopathy in itself was not the full story of Hahnemann's genius, but that there were far greater revelations to be made, ones that would change the understanding of the nature of disease.





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