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Treatment Overview

All clients who are seeking help with chronic conditions need to participate in an Initial full asessment consultation.


Acute consultations are for those interested in one-time help, a few remedies or advice on first aid or simple conditions.  


Depending on desired treatment, please provide either hard copy or via email the appropriate intake form:

  1. Acute Consultation Intake form

  2. Chronic Consultation -Intake form Adult  or Child

  3. Sequential Timeline - complete of partial life story in chronological order depending on your commitment to treatment (mostly used in chronic conditions). 

  4. All follow-up consultations occur every 4 weeks.  Your remedies are renewed and progress is evaluated.  Since your body develops its own healing rhythm, it is best not to wait too long between appointments to see better results.


Full Assesment - Initial Consultation


  • Approx. 90-120 minutes

  • Review of timeline, assessment of your constitutional make-up -your innate nature and its corresponding remedy designed to strengthen your life force during treatment. 

  • Full assessment of your lifestyle, acute and chronic ailments, chief complaints, a summary of yourself as a person and your health from head to toe.

  • Prescription & provision of homeopathic medicines 

  • Prescriptions for regiminal improvement: diet/nutrition, hydration, exercise/movement and sleep/relaxation.


Follow-Up Consultations after Full Assessment


  • 45-60 minutes with practitioner

  • Review of any changes and reactions since the previous consultation 

  • Provision of additional homeopathic medicines and regiminal recommendations as required

Acute - Initial Consultation


  • Approx. 45-60 minutes

  • Assessment of your current symptoms, recent physical and emotional events that may contribute, some family history.

  • Prescription & provision of homeopathic medicines. 

  • We many need to try more than one remedy to solve the issue.

  • If the issue doesn't resolve in 2-3 appointments, it may point to the problem being more complex.

Follow up Consultations after Acute Treatment


  • 15-30 minutes as required

  • Discussion and assessment of situation and required homeopathic medicines

  • Provision of additional homeopathic medicines


Treatment post physical/emotional Trauma
  • Treatment post physical or emotional trauma for an existing client will require simple remedies which are billed as an acute follow up. 

  • If you are having dental work, x-rays, surgery, ask for remedies to remove toxicity and speed up healing.


Personalized Remedies

Remedies are individualized according to your constitution and symptom picture.  They are of two kinds:

  • Rice paper wafers or lactose powder to address timeline events and are taken once or over a few nights.

  • Dropper bottles to address acute and chronic states, they provide constitutional, emotional, drainage and organ support.  They are taken daily.


Homeopathic medicines do not conflict with pharmaceuticals, herbs or supplements.  Most homeopathic remedies are included.


How long is the treatment?​

This depends entirely on you.  Depending on the nature of the health issue(s) being addressed, successful treatment may require only a small number of appointments, or can take up to one or even two years of treatment in more complex cases. This may seem like a long time to commit to a treatment, however, it is important to remember that we are not only treating symptoms, but also removing the underlying causes which created the condition in the first place.

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