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What is Disease?


Many disease names do not enlighten us as to the true cause of disease; they only describe the obvious with a fancy name, i.e.  arthritis simply means inflammation of the joints.  There are a few possible underlying causes to arthritis and many other diseases, and in order to cure them, the individual symptoms need to be taken into account.  No two cases are alike because the causes can be varied:  injury/accident, internal toxicity, lack of nutrients, mental/ emotional trauma, inherited predispositions.  


Homeopathy doesn’t treat the medical label you may have, such as arthritis or angina, but rather your unique individual symptoms that are a complex of your genetic make up, your life’s story, your environment, your likes and dislikes which are unique to you, and so, in the same way, treatment to restore health should be unique to you too. 


Heilkunst Homeopathy is a whole person form of treatment and can help rebalance physical, emotional or mental issues -all these aspects are taken into account.  We avoid simply giving palliation or suppressing symptoms as it is common in conventional medicine. 


A true diagnosis tells the cause of the problem and in homeopathy, it also gives the solution.  The name of the disease is also the remedy.  Hypertension is not a true disease as it could arise from many causes.  Colitis, Crohn's, diabetes, etc. are in the same category; they are conditions. These are not true diseases, but names given to certain groups of symptoms that tell you nothing about the causes.

Causes of Disease or Illness

Identifying the root cause of disease and how it expresses in symptoms and runs over time, is key to finding solutions.  There is little to be gained by treating external symptoms like indigestion or heartburn for example, with antiacids if the cause is internal toxicity, food allergies, intestinal permeability,  uncontrolled or suppressed emotions. The practitioner needs to look at the whole picture, identify the primary causes and then match the disease with the proper remedy according to our Materia Medica repertories following the law of cure: like cures like.


Difference between Imbalance and Disease

There is a difference between a simple imbalance and a disease.

Imbalance is a simple life-style error that can be easily corrected such adding Vitamin C to prevent scurvy,  not over- eating for better sleep, removing gluten to improve digestion. If you get overheated and dehydrated from an afternoon in the sun and then rehydrate, rest and cool off, no disease has been engendered.  The imbalance is solved by replacing what was missing and resting in the shade.


Disease instead is a deeper affection or misstunement that penetrates our generative power -our creative capacity- and changes us in very definite and obvious ways.  It is not a simple indigestion that can be corrected with dietary changes. Every disease has a definite point of impregnation and a definite course of development over time.  If instead of an afternoon in the sun, you are lost in the desert for 5 days, dehydrated, in shock, with burns and frostbite, recovering from this trauma may not be as easy because a disease state has penetrated and has altered functions in the organism.


In a nutshell..
  • The root cause of disease must be identified in order to reach a cure.


  • Treating the manifestations of disease (symptoms) serves only to temporarily alleviate, or worse,  to suppress symptoms, driving the disease deeper.


  • Palliation or suppression are not cures.


  • There is a difference between an imbalance and disease.


  • Imbalance is a simple life-style error that can be easily corrected by adding the missing nutrient or removing the offending substance. 


  • Disease is a deeper disturbance or affection that penetrates our generative capacity, our creative power and changes our way of seeing things, our behavior and our physiology in very definite ways.


  • Heilkunst treatment uses Homeopathic principles and remedies to get at the root causes of disease and Therapeutic Nutrition and principles to fix life-style imbalances.  Combined, these two branches promote true health.


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