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How to take Your Homeopathic Remedies

Remedies are to be taken when the mouth is relatively clearn, as the remedy is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth.  Substances that interfere with absorption are oils.  Take your remedies before eating.


Dropper bottle
  • One drop is ONE dose. Several drops or a dropper-full at any one time are also one dose. A drop a day is the average dose. For a faster effect, repeat the drop 2-3 x day if so indicated. The dropper should not touch your mouth to minimize bacteria. 

  • If you are taking more than one remedy daily, you can take them one after the other without waiting in between. Do not mix them together in a glass of water.

  • Before taking your remedy, tap the bottle against the palm of your hand firmly 3-5 times to mix it well and energize it.


Sipping in water

Sipping a diluted remedy allows you to take it repeatedly in ongoing situations without fear of aggravation. Put 2-3 drops into a water bottle or glass and stir well each time you take a small sip. Each sip is a dose. Repeat often for faster relief. Do not mix different remedies in the same glass unless instructed.


Powders or Wafers

To prepare a single dose of a remedy, we use lactose powder or a rice paper wafer. Your wafers will come numbered in sets of 3-4 doses. Each set addresses a single issue, as indicated on the envelope. Put the wafer into your mouth and let dissolve, do not mix in water. Take each dose in a set in the indicated order right before bed.  The wafers are taken over a series of nights.  Begin with #1 and then #2 the next night and so on until finished.   



There are NO restrictions including food and drink except for oils. It is best to take remedies 10-15 min. before or after eating or drinking.  They act energetically when the remedy touches the tongue it goes directly into the central nervous system.  It bypasses your metabolic system so it does not interfere with any crude substances (food, herbs, allopathic drugs, etc.).

The only symptoms you may experience while on homeopathic remedies are those of your body healing: possible inflammation, phlegm, stiffness and tiredness are all symptoms of your organism repairing itself.

Sensitive Patients

If you are extra sensitive to most foods and odors, you may be sensitive to the remedies.  There are a number of ways to take your remedies.  First you can just hold the remedy in your hand as one dose.  Next you can try to smell the remedy or put it under your pillow while you sleep.  Next you can put 2-3 drops of the remedy in a glass of water and take a sip or two per day or sip this slowly all day, depending on your comfort level. These are ways to build up your strength so that eventually you can take the remedy orally. Some patients need some time to get there.

How to refill your remedies

It is perfectly fine for you to re-fill your remedies between appointments.  This actually makes them a tiny bit more powerful because homeopathics are stronger the more diluted they are.  Start by shaking the remainder of the contents in front of a light source, observe if there are any big floaters in the bottle.  If there are, you need a fresh dropper from me. If not… fill the dropper with clean water to the top of the label.  Add 20 drops of vodka or brandy, close it up and shake 50 times.  Now it is ready for use until your next appointment.


Storage of Remedies

All remedies should be kept in a cool and dry location, away from direct light and heat.  It is ok to travel with them and go through x-ray machines at the airport.  If you travel frequently, try to have the remedies hand-checked as often as possible. 


In Between Consults and Emergencies

Should something come up that needs to be addressed between consults I can be reached via email  or by phone 530.692.0331.  If this is an emergency or life threatening event by all means seek appropriate medical attention.  We can later address this event with remedies to remove any negative effects of any intervention. 


How do Remedies Work?

A remedy transfers its information to our organism as soon as we have contact with it. Its effects are observed as a change in the state of mind, emotions and physical body, usually noticed immediately after ingestion or in a few days or weeks.


We usually need to take a remedy for extended periods of time until a change is complete and stable. Oftentimes a remedy will have to be taken in ascending potencies over a span of a few weeks or months to make changes permanent.


In chronic disease, a series of remedies will be used to achieve the desired results. This is because the longer we suffer from a disease, the more its effects spread to different organs and functions, making it difficult to heal all of them at the same time.

In simple and acute conditions like first aid or infectious disease, remedies work quickly and effectively and seldom need to be taken for more than 5-6 doses.

How we use remedies 
  • As part of a holistic program aimed to re-balance the whole organism at all levels and to resolve chronic problems and past physical, mental and emotional trauma.

  • To stimulate detoxification and to support the organs of elimination.

  • To prevent complications from recent injuries, medical procedures like x-rays, surgery, dental work or other interventions that debilitate your organism.  A simple remedy can speed up healing and eliminate pain and toxicity.

  • To reduce the side effects from long-term medication use, thus avoiding future complications and the need for yet more medication.



Homeopathic remedies are absolutely safe for children, the elderly or weak  and even pets. They do not contain chemicals. Since they are entirely energy or informational in essence they can do no physical harm.

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