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Sequential Treatment

Sequential Homeopathy or Homotonic Prescribing, Sequential Therapy or Treatment are terms that refer to the treatment of specific shocks and traumas (drugs use, vaccines, surgeries, accidents as well as emotional traumas such as loss, fright) in a person’s life using homeotonic remedies. The traumas are identified by creating a “timeline” and are then treated in the reverse order of appearance (backwards from the present all the way to to birth/conception and into the inherited predispositions.

Sequential treatment was first developed by Dr. J.F. Elmiger MD of Switzerland, and was brought to North America and the homeopathic community.  It was developed further in the early 1990’s, by Patty Smith and Rudi Verspoor of the Hahnemann College and Clinic for Heilkunst.


In treating chronic disease/conditions,  you will be asked to complete a timeline of your life events.  This story of your life is a guide/map for your practitioner to address the various physical, mental and emotional traumas that have occurred over your lifetime.  It also provides insight into the 'themes' of your life so that treatment can be more effective.


Although the life event has passed, (e.g.,medication use, dental procedure, injury, surgery, vaccinations, job loss etc), the mark or memory remains, resulting in an accumulation of energy blockages that overburden you. 


The Timeline therapy is encouraged, but it is up to every individual patient to decide whether or not to participate. The main traumas are treated one by one, much like peeling the layers of an onion. We have found this to be immensely successful and beneficial for our patients. 



How to Prepare a Sequential Timeline


A timeline is a map and the story of your life which is as  individual as your fingerprints. Although the events have passed,  their mark on our body remains. 


List, in chronological order, all the physical/mental/emotional shocks in your life from today back to your birth or vice-versa. Please note if there is an emotional component to every physical event.  If completing a timeline feels overwhelming, just do a few years at a time.  The timeline starts with what is currently bothering you.


See Timeline examples here.

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