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The Healing Reaction

Our body’s mission is to keep us in balance.  Symptoms like pain,  inflammation, cough, phlegm, fevers and skin rashes are a sign of healing and not of disease.  The body is trying to restore organ function, get rid of accumulated toxins and fix injured tissues.  Heat and inflammation are ways to heal tissue, fevers burn viruses, bacteria clean up the waste products and discharges eliminate them from the body.  Our strong healing power is at work.  We need to recognize it as such and welcome it or at least not fear it.


Most diseases except physical accidents and injuries begin with a disturbance to our mental/emotional state.  We may initially experience stress and emotional tension.  If this is not resolved, to cope with the stress, functions of the body are affected and we develop muscle tension, high adrenalin, thyroid and adrenal hormone fatigue or burnout, increase body acidity, etc.  These alterations of function eventually manifest in the physical body.


The Healing Reaction

Healing is part of a deeply curative process.  It is not simply the removal of symptoms. It proceeds in a specific way according to the laws of cure. These principles have been observed for centuries; they were set down originally by Dr. Constantine Herring and Dr. James Tyler Kent; two homeopathic physicians. 


When we are dealing with simple disease, we can see that illness and symptoms appear in a certain order in time and space and that Nature heals in the reverse order of the disease process.  In complex disease this picture is not as clear to see.


Healing proceeds from the mental/emotional level to the physical level, from inside out (from the deeper vital organs to the more superficial like the skin), from above downwards on the body (as seen in rashes or muscle/joint pain) and in the reverse order of appearance.


When you take a deep-acting energetic remedy for a chronic disease condition, you may experience a healing reaction. Healing is a form of elimination – old stuff that has accumulated must be cleared out. Much of this elimination takes place at the physical level, congestion, various discharges, skin reactions, aches and pains are among the kinds of symptoms you may see as part of the healing process.


Generally, after taking a remedy you should experience an initial improvement or sense of well-being. About 10-14 days after taking the remedy, you may experience a temporary worsening of your situation, with a return of old symptoms. This may last 1-3 days,  depending on the severity of the treated condition and on the strength of your body and ability to heal. It is then followed by a return to the improved state you experienced prior to the healing reaction – often with improvements.


This healing reaction may require an additional remedy to mitigate symptoms but it usually only requires some regiminal support like rest, water, teas, proper elimination, etc. 


In acute conditions you will experience an improvement within minutes or hours of taking and repeating remedies. In chronic conditions, the reaction to the remedy can be felt a bit later and within 2 weeks of taking the remedy. 

True healing is the beginning of our personal journey

We have learned to think that health means lack of symptoms. We are used to a suppressive or palliative type of health care –with drugs theat take away our discomfort but do little to cure the cause of the problem.  Our body moves into health in a meaningful way.  Modern medicine manages symptoms and seldom offers cures.


True health means the ability to be fulfilled and to participate in life in spite of symptoms and some bodily imperfection. It is the ability to feel engaged in life with passion and interest in our work and our loved ones.  It means having the energy and inner strength to pursue our ideals and be ourselves in all circumstances.


You have the choice to embark on this healing journey that will take you back in time, for a brief re-visiting of old events. It is a rare second chance – not only to re-evaluate and find the meaning behind events but also you will have the opportunity to release the negative charge and memory of something that has blocked your path.


This is a journey of becoming whole.


In a nutshell...
  • A healing reaction is part of the curative process and your body's way to restore balance in the organism.


  • When you take a deeply acting remedy, you may experience a healing reaction which is a form of elimination.


  • According to principles observed for centuries, healing proceeds in a specific way according to the laws of cure:


  • Healing proceeds from the mental and emotional levels to the physical level, from inside out, from above downwards on the body and in reverse order of appearance.


  • If you experience a healing reaction such as congestion, fatigue, phlegm, bowel symptoms, contact me for guidance.   Most times rest and hydration take care of it. In some instances we may need to prescribe the next remedy potency or some other remedy that can soften the experience.


  • Above all, have no fear that this reaction is a good sign and is temporary.



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