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Details and Fees


If you prefer the convenience of having a session in your own home, or if you are far away, we can have consultations via ZOOM or FaceTime and the prescribed remedies mailed to you anywhere in the world. 

By appointment:

Yuba City, California or Oregon House, California -  Monday-Saturday


Session Frequency

Chronic disease type consultations take place every 4-5 weeks which gives enough time for the remedies to act and for the life force of the client to react and heal. 


Acute type consultations are recommended as soon as symptoms appear and may be followed every week or every two weeks to fine-tune prescriptions, if necessary. An acute issue should be resolved with one to three appointments.  If not, it points to a more complex issue.


Heilkunst Homeopathy Treatment
Fees - see description of services here
  • Initial Full Assessment consultation (adult): $215

  • Initial Full Assessment consultation (children 12 & under): $145

    • Follow-Up Adult: $115

    • Follow-Up Child: $75


  • Initial Acute or First Aid Consultation includes one follow-up: $85

Acute or First Aid Follow-Ups after: $55


  • Homeopathic remedies are included with your consultation.  Cost of mailing remedies is not:

    • $10 within USA

    • $20-25 international mail


  • Family Packages

Available if two or more family members start treatment together. All appointments must be scheduled and paid together.

CoRe Bioresonance Readings - learn more here
  • Initial & subsequent sessions including 30 day long distance balancing: $175



All consultation fees include your homeopathic remedies. I use remedies made by approved homeopathic pharmacies following the principles set out by the FDA-recognized Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. I prepare formulas as needed to match your specific needs.  Recommended nutritional supplements and special remedies, if any,  are not included. 


Calling or emailing in between sessions

I am interested in knowing how you are doing. 

Phone calls or emails with questions are welcome. 


Missed appointments:  $35

The time allotted to each client is dedicated to them and I prepare for the session ahead of time. If you need to cancel, please provide a 24-hour notice.

Remedy replacements

Most remedies are provided free of charge with an scheduled session.  Lost remedies or those required between appointments will be provided for a basic dispensing fee of $15 per bottle.



In case of a medical emergency where help is required immediately, please call 911 or go to a hospital to get immediate assistance.  We will later deal with any negative effects from medical interventions.



All information provided by the client will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Every area of treatment is considered confidential.

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