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Therapies available

Acute Consultation - Treatment of Acute conditions
  • Acute disease such as colds, fevers, flus, injuries, infections are treated easily and quickly where the causative factor is clearly known and the condition is recent. 

  • We will use a short Acute Intake Form to learn about your situation, your specific symptoms, possible causes and determine the appropriate individualized remedies. 

  • If relief is not found in 3 sessions, this points to more complex issues and possible chronic disease that may require more time and more complex remedies.


Full Consultation - Treatment of Chronic diseases
  • We can address chronic diseases by looking at the symptom picture presented  and identifying where the disease roots may be.  Oftentimes we find them in past events and/or the hereditary chronic predispositions. 

  • Sequential therapy aids here to remove past trauma

  • Regiminal adjustments as far as nutrition, hydration, rest and movement help to fortify one's vitality in order to restore balance to the body. 

  • While we get to the underlying causes of disease, dynamic remedies are used to alleviate existing physical, mental or emotional symptoms without suppressing them.

  • We  will use a Adult Intake form or an Child intake form if under 12 yrs old.


Included in full consultations:

Sequential Treatment of past shocks and traumas
  • Sequential homeopathy's goal is to remove the effects of physical and emotional traumas, starting with the most recent and going back in time. 

  • This treatment restores the vitality and lightens the burden we carry so that we can better handle present and future stresses.  It is well known how a small events can trigger serious disease when the vitality is depleted. 

  • We treat the past shocks and traumas following the life story of the client in time and space using dynamic remedies.  Certain timeline events may consist of a complex of traumas and will thus require a complex of remedies. 

  • If you are unsure about providing your entire life story, we can work with a shorter timeline of the last few years which will help broaden the picture and identify possible contributors to your current state of health. 


Treatment post-physical or emotional trauma
  • Dynamic remedies are used to treat recent traumas such as injuries, accidents, dental work, vaccinations, medical procedures (assaults to the body) and emotional difficulties such as a death, loss, shock, etc.

  • This treatment is simple, easy and very effective at helping the body-mind resolve issues and regain vitality. If you are going through any of these events, special remedies are given to speed up the healing process.

  • Please call ahead if you are planning to have dental work, x-rays, surgery, etc. There are excellent remedies to help the body deal with the extra toxicity and for faster healing. In the case of surgery or dental work a remedy will help with pain relief and inflammation making it unnecessary to take medical drugs. 

Nutritional Assessment
  • During consultations we discuss the cardinal points of regimen (nutrition, hydration, sleep,  and exercise (recreation/activity/movement). 

  • We assess all aspects of diet, nutrition and supplementation.  We exercise every effort to make simple recommendations that can be adopted by anyone and at little cost. 

  • When the client is not ready to make big changes to lifestyle, efforts are made towards progressive improvement. 

  • We can assess thyroid, adrenal, gut health and make proper recommendations.

  • Included in your treatment is assessment of drug interactions and drug-nutrient depletion.

Services can be of several kinds depending on need.

  • Acute Consultation: such as colds, flu, fever can be treated as they come up.

  • Full Consultation: it includes acute conditions if present at the time of the visit, chronic diseases, sequential treatment of past shocks and traumas, hereditary genetic predispositions if connected to current symptoms and nutritional & lifestyle advice. 

  • Treatment post-trauma takes place at the time traumas occur such as dental work or surgery.

Regiminal changes in nutrition, sleep, movement, etc. serve to balance the body but they do not remove true disease. 

Poor lifestyle habits are obstacles to cure and must be removed so that we can have a clear picture of the true diseases that may be affecting you. 

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