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Bioresonance Readings

Bioresonance evaluations are done using an advanced bioresonance device and software program. These readings give insight into the patient’s vital energy flow as well as to the possible disturbances and blockages preventing full life expression.  These imbalances can be found in the physical, mental or emotional levels. 

Bioresonance measures health and disease at the bio-energetic level; which is where imbalance usually originates.  Using this tool it is possible to identify means for removing energy blockages making treatment more effective.

All living beings radiate a special energy called life force or life energy.  

The CoRe scans this energy field and can give specific answers to each individual to help with:

  • Unconscious patterns that influence health and behavior

  • Improvement of negative attitudes and behavioral patterns

  • Early detection of potential problems before they manifest physically

  • General and specific organ balancing  

  • Remote treatment and remedy delivery

  • Imprinting healing frequencies into water or other substance to be sent to the client to carry or wear.  

  • Disease-specific and Client-specific sound frequencies using Rife technology can also be sent to the client via email as an mp3 file to complement the remote treatment.  

  • Any issue of interest can be addressed and individual resonant results can be found for each client.  What issues are affecting the client in the present moment can be shown in many areas including:

    • nutrition: herbs, vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals, acid & alkaline forming foods, etc.

    • pathogens, virus, bacteria, fungi, infections

    • Physiology: vertebra, bone, muscle, brain imbalances, immune factors, aging factors, etc.

    • supplements

    • organ/meridian imbalances 

    • emotional traumas, relationships, subconscious conflicts

    • allergies & sensitivities

  • lifestyle: stress factors, toxicity factors, biochemical issues, adjunct therapies

  • Solutions can be used from:

    • Acupuncture

    • Aromatherapy

    • Color Therapy

    • Crystal Essences

    • Flower, Tree essences

    • Homeopathy

    • Natural Medicine - plants

    • Concepts & Affirmations

The CoRe has many functions.  It is open and programmable.  We have expanded its database with specific sections that help us pin point what is going on with a patient within the framework of Heilkunst medicine.  As issues come up during treatment, CoRe can help determine what nutrients, supplements, and many other issues that are needed for a particular client.  It is a more reliable and faster way to do muscle testing.    


CoRe assessments include evaluation and therapy.

You don’t need to be physically present or connected to the system. A holographic connection is established based on your name, date and place of birth and photo.  This information creates a unique signature for you in the computer.

CoRe therapy involves a series of daily treatments that are communicated to the pattern the patient creates in the computer without the need to be present or know when it is happening.  The CoRe system dials in a frequency specific to the client as when tuning into a particular radio station so that that client alone will receive that treatment.   The effects and benefits of the treatment are immediate and repetition over days or weeks creates a continuous flow of healing.


There are almost as many clinical uses for the CoRe as there are patients, but in general, it is a very powerful tool to speed up the overall progress of the case.

A CoRe reading is often recommended at the beginning of treatment, every 3 months or so thereafter or whenever there seems to be some type of lack of resolution of a particular state. 

Learn more about CoRe Bioresonance here.

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