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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Constitutional Remedy?


The constitutional remedy is determined during our first interview and it is related to your state of health, your likes and dislikes and ways of being, feeling, thinking and relating to the world that are specific to you. 

It is given to support your innate state of health, to bring balance and grounding as well as to strengthen your immune system.  In this way you develop inner inner strength and will be less likely to experience acute illness or disease as the body is less susceptible. 


There are six Genotypes or states of health:  Silicea, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, Calcarea Carbonica and Sulphur.  Sometimes, that state of health is hidden by a layer or layers of disease states that have been developed over time as compensations mechanisms.  There are six Phenotypes or compensation states: Natrum-Muriaticum, Sepia, Lachesis, Staphysagria, Nux-Vomica and Arsenicum.

The Phenotypes are coping mechanisms in the face of stress.  For example, a naturally passive person may need to adopt an active role in a competitive and active culture which is not natural of healthy for them.  Over time, their adaptation overcomes their healthy natural state and they develop an imbalanced state.  They might resent the demands placed on them, so they become angry, frustrated and develop ulcers, indigestion, etc. 


Often times, these adaptations develop after a trauma (s) that can be physical, mental or emotional.  Someone who has experienced a lot of loss in their life will adopt a coping mechanism of aloofness, coldness and rejection of others while at the same time longing for meaningful relationships. 


The constitutional remedy (including Genotype and Phenotype if present) will help to gradually uncover the hidden state of health and vitality we are looking for.  


What is the purpose of the Drainage Remedy?


Detoxification and Drainage remedies are used to help activate the main organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin) and their capacity to eliminate toxins from the body.


These remedies are prescribed to nearly every patient based on their therapeutic requirements. Some would require this or that emphasis.  An important aspect of health is the ability to remove toxins and assimilate nutrients.  This constant exchange in the cell is necessary in light of the toxicity that comes to us through the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the air we breathe, what we absorb through our skin and the physical and emotional stress to which we are exposed.  Toxins accumulate and hamper organ function.  This leads to impaired cell communication which affects hormones and leads to chronic and degenerative disease.


When you start treatment, your body will begin to release toxins in an effort to heal as it will now have more enery to deal with this burden and will have elimination organs open.


Medicine in the form of homeopathic remedies anihilates disease and it is the living force that now takes care of the aftermath and is required to eliminate waste. Drainage is necessary to ensure that this process continues and that restoring balance is as gentel as possible.


What is the purpose of the NSOL Remedy?


NSOL is a complex synergistic formula composed of 4 remedies that is given to many patients during treatment to slowly lap away at the emotions accumulated over a life time which every human experiences, sometimes in many cases daily. The remedy helps to soften the accumulated impact of these unresolved emotions, making it easier for the body to process them properly and release them. NSOL covers the main emotions a human can experience.


NSOL is prescribed in its entirety in nearly all cases, however there are always exceptions and remedies may be omitted or given separately depending on your life story and/or needs as expressed in your Sequential Timeline.


The remedies are:

  • N- Natrum Muriaticum for grief, loss and abandonment.

  • S- Staphysagria for humiliation, suppressed/swallowed anger and feelings of resentment and for the feeling of guilt acquired from external sources.

  • O- Opium for feelings fear and anxiety.

  • L- Lachesis for envy, self-guilt, jealousy and for issues of trust and violation of trust.


These remedies do not stop the emotions of living; they do not stop you from feeling. The intensity of the emotion will not be affected. What they do is speed up the healing process, and allow you to get on with your life more quickly.


How are remedies made?


Homeopathic remedies are derived mainly from plant, mineral or animal sources and have been made the same way for over 200 years.  Dr. Hahnemann took miniscule doses of the substances he wanted to understand and fed them to healthy individuals.  These ‘provings’ were recorded in detail which became the basis of our Materia Medicas.  The substances to be used may be first grounded, then steeped in alcohol, the bottle is decanted, the liquid is strained, and the substance is thrown away. This liquid is referred to as the ‘Mother Tincture’.   


From the mother tincture, one drop is combined with 99 drops of water/alcohol, and dynamized (shaken with impact) to now render the new mixture at a 1C.   One drop of the 1C is combined with 99 drops of water/alcohol, and then dynamized rendering now a 2C.  When you get to a 12C, you have reached Avogadro’s constant which means that there is no trace of the original substance in the mixture at a molecular level.  It leaves the bio-chemical realm and enters the bio-energetic realm at that point.


What is in the remedy is the energy signature of the original substance that has stamped itself into the water molecules by way of succession or dynamization.   


Because these remedies are bio-energetic in nature, and do not contain material substance after a 12C, they cannot interact with pharmaceutical drugs that are material or biochemical in nature.  It is perfectly safe to take the medication that your doctor has prescribed along with homeopathic preparations, as long as you are working with a homeopathic practitioner who can advise you on potency and dosage.


What makes a remedy Homeopathic?


Since Homeopathy is based on the law of similars where “like cures like”, a remedy is homeopathic when it matches the symptoms of the patient.  When you know the disease you know the remedy.


The law of similars states that the substance that irritates a healthy person is capable of curing a sick person when their sysmptoms match. Cutting onions makes your eyes tear and your nose run.  When you have a cold with teary eyes and runny nose, the appropriate remedy would be Allium Cepa (made from onions). 


What makes a remedy homeopathic is the degree of similarity between the disease and the remedy. Since the remedy works as an artificial disease similar to the natural disease and no two similar diseases can exist in the same part of the body, the artificial disease or remedy obliterates the disease because it is stronger.  This is siimiliar to two sine waves of the same frequency that neutralize each other when they meet.   

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