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Timeline examples

How to Prepare A Sequential Timeline

A timeline is a map and the story of your life which is as  individual as your fingerprints. Although the events have passed,  their mark on our body remains. 


List, in chronological order, all the physical/mental/emotional shocks in your life from today back to your birth or vice-versa. Please note if there is an emotional component to every physical event.  If completing a timeline feels overwhelming, just do a few years this time.  The timeline starts with what is currently bothering you.

Adult Timeline Example


  • Blood type O Positive

  • Dec 2014: Dental Surgery Root Canal; feelings of fear.

  • Oct 2014: Came off  birth control pill, worried about getting pregnant and side effects of no more pill.

  • Jul 2013: Mom died, sense of loss and some guilt. 

  • Aug. 2012: Whip-lash injury, car hit from behind. Anger. 

  • Nov. 2012: Knee pain, fell of from bike, tripped.  Embarrassed. 

  • Jan. 2012: Fired from job, so unfair, very angry.

  • 2010 - 2012 - Stress at work, very demanding job, frustrated, didn't get the promotion I expected.

  • 2009-2011: bouts of diarrhea, IBS, very fatigued.

  • 2009:Hepatitis B shot

  • 2009:Flu shot

  • 2008: depressed, began antidepressant.

  • 1995: knee surgery: fear

Continue the timeline to birth; include all immunizations and any medications taken if possible.


Child Timeline Example


  • 2003 –2 Ultrasounds early and later in pregnancy.

  • Aug 2003: Mother with contractions for 2 days but no dilation- Birth by C-section, epidural anesthesia. Mother highly anxious, panic attack during surgery, fear of dying.

  •  2004-05 –mandatory vaccines until 1 or 2 years old. No more after that. 

  • 2005: Pneumonia (2 years old) had to stay in hospital for 3 or 4 days.

  • 2006: Cut in the lip, lots of blood, shocked when seeing himself in mirror.

  • 2008: starts taking Albuterol’s nebulization for asthma and breathing issues often triggered when sick with a cold/ fever or by various food and environmental allergies.    

  • 2010 – His arm went out of the socket when father tried lifting him from his arms.

  •  2011 – first big disappointment: doesn't get to go to favorite school.  Sad, felt something is wrong with him. 

  • 2012 root canal, painful, mad at doctor 

  • Feb, 2012: Fall, hurt knee and twisted foot.  Shame, anger.

  • Sept 2013: Ear pain, congestion took Motrin.  Unsure if anti biotics were used.

  • Jun 2014: Ear pain, unresponsive to anti-biotics. Either viral or resistant bacteria. Increased dosage of Amoxicillin. Took Motrin

Continue until present time.


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