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Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are made from plant, mineral or animal material that is first crushed and then highly diluted and  dynamized.  This dilution process renders the material more potent and at the same time harmless to the body.  The dilution is such that only the energetic imprint of the substance remains.   

Dynamic remedies are used because they work at the level where disease works.  Disease is not localized.  This is true even from the pure biochemical point of view, your mouth’s health is not independent from the rest of your body.  Treating your internal health will be reflected in your teeth and gums.  Cancer is not only in the breast or pancreas, it is an affection that pervades more than the body, it is a state of mind.  It is like a computer virus that disturbs all the functions of the entire computer. The dynamic remedy destroys the virus so that healthy function is restored.

How can a minute dose of a remedy in water cure?

Even from the biochemical point of view, all substances we take in are broken down to their most essential and minute components to enter the cell and produce energy.  Without that transformation of substances to energy (ATP) we cannot function.  We are energy beings.  In homeopathy, disease substances and curative substances are not material, but energetic in nature.

"Through the like, disease is produced, and through the application of the like it is cured."  Hippocrates, 4th C BC

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