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Viral Infections - Corona Virus

In addition to the guidelines from health authorities of sheltering in place, washing hands frequently, observing social distance, etc., and the nutritional/lifestyle recommendations for healthy living that you have probably already heard, I’d like to remind you that homeopathy has had a long history of working with epidemics and pandemics for over 200 years.

The National Center for Homeopathy notes:

“Homeopathy has an enviable record of reducing mortality dramatically where it has been used in past epidemics. As early as 1801, Hahnemann identified the medicine for an epidemic of Scarlatina, and it was used successfully to both treat and prevent the disease. In the US, public health records from the Influenza epidemic of 1918 show greatly reduced mortality for those treated with homeopathy versus conventional treatment. This record is true for other historical US and world-wide epidemics, yellow fever, cholera, typhus, and diphtheria, all the way to more recent epidemics of chickungunya, typhus, pneumonia, and dengue.

Homeopaths have been compiling a list of common symptoms of COVID-19 and a dozen or so remedies have been identified to treat the various stages of the disease from mild to severe. There are also some remedies that can serve as prevention although there is no guarantee that they would be 100% effective but it is likely that they could minimize the duration of the disease.

There is no one, two or three remedies that would serve everyone. It is often that a series of remedies are needed during the course of illness. Some of the remedies recommended are Lobelia, Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Antimonium-tartaricum, Kali carbonicum, Phosphoric acid, Mercurius, Eupatorium perforatum, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Squilla and more.

Please don’t run out to get these remedies at your local health food store. In homeopathy, remedies work best when they are individualized and used in the right potencies according to the intensity of symptoms. It is best to consult with a qualified homeopath.

My recommendation is that as soon as you experience symptoms of a cold or flu, please contact me. I will take an acute consultation over the phone and prepare the appropriate remedies for you. I can also send you a prophylactic remedy. Your mental & emotional state is also important as fear or anxiety deplete immunity and can be addressed with homeopathy.

For my established patients, an acute consultation with remedies is $45; shipping not included.

For new patients, an acute consultation with remedies is $65; shipping not included.

What you can do right now

  1. Fear lowers your immunity. Avoid feeding fear by not watching the news too much, instead, engage yourself in what you enjoy: walks, garden, movies, books, arts & crafts, spring cleaning, cooking, fasting, hot/cold showers, infrared sauna, baths, connecting with others by phone or video, meditation, yoga, being in the moment.

  2. Go outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine every day.

  3. Eat nutritious foods. Avoid processed foods, sugar and alcohol.

  4. Hydrate properly to support the mucous membranes in your airways -our first barrier to infection so that infections don’t travel to your lungs.

  5. Take a good food-based Multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.

  6. Make sure you have enough Vitamin A, C, D3, Zinc, Omega 3’s, healthy fats.

  7. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics (80% of our immune system is in the gut) to prevent the infection from traveling from gastrointestinal to the lungs

  8. Use anti-viral essential oils: thyme, oregano, rosemary.

  9. Diffuse eucalyptus or oregano essential oil to clean indoor spaces.

  10. Sauna therapy – generates an artificial fever which may help fight infections.

  11. Read here about Nutrients to Support an Effective Mucous Barrier (first line of defense against viruses)

  12. Read here about Nutrients to Boost Immunity


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